Playstation 3 Testers

Playstation 3 Testers For game console fanatics, being a video game tester is a dream job. They get to test some of the latest video games all day, plus they get paid doing it. What more could a game wiz ask for, they get to sit in front of the latest technologies of game consoles …

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CDR Brilliance

CDR Brilliance Several years ago, CD-R media and CD burners were never imagined. Computers were just reached the GHz speed, with Pentium 1 just starting to reach the horizons. Floppy disks were the ideal way to store data, even though it took several of them to store most types of information. Looking at things today, …

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Blogging: Bypassing The Media

Blogging: Bypassing The Media National and international business is doing something mainstream media professionals never saw coming – they have wrested control of information away from entrenched media sources. Standard media sources provide content in a confined and compartmentalized fashion. This form of communication is normal, expected, dare I say status quo? A Passing Fad …

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