Baby Shower Graphics

Baby Shower Graphics


1. Baby shower graphics can catch the attention of your guests.

2. Baby shower graphics can give a hint or a suggestion to your invitation, about what the affair is all about and the theme of the affair.

3. It is used in invitations to catch the reader’s attention.

4. A baby shower graphic, without any wording, can provide a clear demonstration of the occasion.

5. It gives beauty, attraction and life to any invitation.

Your own printable baby shower invitations

1. Giving the invitation a design. Using a simple and easy to understand word processor such as the Microsoft Word, decide on and pick the right dimension for your invitation after which you can print out a test on a plain paper to make certain that the size is right.

2. Think of a theme, wherein all colors, designs and graphics will be based from it.

3. Look for and choose a card stock that appeal to your taste, so you can print on your invitations to it. Your local craft or office supply establishment have a variety of designs and they are very affordable too. Remember to choose a paper with not much color in it, as then it would compete with the colors that you may have on your graphic. A simple lightly colored textured paper is best.

4. Using a word processor, insert text boxes; in the text box, type in the wording that you want on your invitation. Here, you can have choices as to what font and color to use. Do keep in mind to keep it simple. Do not be overwhelmed by all the colors you see. At the most, you should only use three colors as too much of it can make your invitation look more of a mess then what it really is.

5. In the net, many sites offer and provide baby shower graphics for free which you can readily use in your invitation. By searching for “free graphics” on any search engine the results will be plenty, and you will surely find a site offering free graphics. All you have to do is to look at the graphics, choose one, then download and insert them into your invitation; you can change its position, resize it and place it in a position and location that you desire.

6. If you plan to use the baby shower graphic as background, it should not block the wordings on the invitation. Preferably, images set on a background must be watermarked. Almost all word processors allow background images to be selected and chooses them as watermarks.

7. Need a catchy poem for your invitation? Do a search in the net once more for verses related to your invitation. For instance, you can search for “baby shower verse” and results are sure to come in.

8. It is important to save the original copy of your finished invitation and print it out. A sample on plain paper should first be printed in order to see what it looks like. If the results are good, you then can start printing and personalizing each invitation on a stock card.

9. If you have no printer, you can save your file on a disk and bring the disk to your nearest local print shop to have the disk printed out.