What Is Adware?

What Is Adware? Adware is one of many “malwares” or malicious software programs that are unknowingly installed on your computer when you visit online sites and download freebies. When you use share files or visit sites with free downloads of wallpaper, videos, or music, some of these sites will send along adware software with your […]

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Computer Backups

Computer Backups COMPUTERS AND HALLOWEEN, DO THEY MIX? Computer backup is so important to your computer that to ignore it is to risk its damnation. Computers require care and feeding. They require that you attend to their needs. If you don’t, then they will most surely be sent to Hell. Halloween means Hell. What! What

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Diverse Opportunities With A Computer Animation Degree

Diverse Opportunities With A Computer Animation Degree If you’re considering a computer animation degree and have been discouraged by people telling you that there isn’t much opportunity in this field, don’t believe it. Computer animation is actually a field that covers an incredible amount of territory and is currently in need of qualified, talented people.

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Evaluating a Used Computer

Evaluating a Used Computer Used computers are available plenty in number. But, the prime concern is that how it will satisfy the needs of the purchaser. The next one is about the functionality of the used computer and the longevity of the computer parts of the used computer. Many people decide to purchase used computers

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