Media Player Shootout

Media Player Shootout Whether you call them media players, jukeboxes, mp3 apps, music managers, or whatever – we all need a proggy to listen to our digital music with, so we figured it was time for the Online Music Blog media shootout. For the sake of this article I am only going to discuss players

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Content Management Overview

Content Management Overview The term content management, or CM, is used to describe the overall process that all media material goes through, during the course of its lifetime. The term is used to describe this process as it pertains to all forms of media including text; photographic materials, whether still pictures, slides, or moving film;

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Memory Matters

Memory Matters We aren’t talking “gray matter” memory here-though that type of memory matters too. We are talking digital camera memory. Digital camera memory is where your image data or photos are stored in your camera. Most of the newer cameras have limited amounts of internal (sometimes called “on-board” or “built-in”) memory. Nearly all digital

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Media Players

Media Players You have been entertained with media player software for years, so it may be that you have not even noticed it. How could you, it looks so real. Everyone has a favorite or several favorite movies that they have to watch repeatedly; movies that they just cannot get enough of. Let us peek

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The Power Of Media

The Power Of Media The media is responsible for both- reflecting values of a society and creating new ones to a good extent. ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ goes an old proverb. It has been proved over and over again since the advent of writing and development of media. Media today consists of

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