Design The word ‘design’ is multifaceted. It can refer to plans, proposals or creative endeavors. Design surrounds us in every aspect of our life–homes, buildings, city planning, vehicles, art, theater, clothing, and toys. Even food has a design element, presentation. So, design is what makes anything functional, appealing and attractive. It has aesthetic functions that

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Computer Security Vital

Computer Security Vital Computer Security Vital Many of us like to believe that we will never need to worry about computer security. We cling to the belief that hackers only strike large corporations and people with serious money. But, computer security is not just about keeping hackers out. There are a number of threats to

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Graphic Design Course

Graphic Design Course A graphic design course is ideal for anyone who wishes to enter a world that combines visual and creative skills. These courses cover a whole spectrum of design related topics, which give you a solid foundation so you can break into and progress to a higher lever in your chosen visual and

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Avoid Graphical Overload

Avoid Graphical Overload When designing a website, it’s easy to start loading it up with graphics. While tempting, you have to resist — otherwise, you’ll end up with graphical overload. Why is that a bad thing? Here’s why. It Takes Too Long to Download The first reason to cut down on graphics is that the

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Playstation 3 Concepts

Playstation 3 Concepts When the first Sony Playstation was introduced to the market in 1994, it made such a big impact in the arena of video game consoles that it dominated the market of game console entertainment. Although other companies have created their own version of the system, the Playstation series continuous to be the

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Graphic Design Training — Enhancing Your Computer Graphic Design Skills

Graphic Design Training — Enhancing Your Computer Graphic Design Skills Graphic designers nowadays require not only creative abilities, but also some understanding of other graphic design-related areas such as computer graphic design. During the 80’s, the advent of desktop publishing and of design software such as Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Fireworks, put the power and

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