Choosing The Right Graphics Card – A Buyers Guide

Choosing The Right Graphics Card – A Buyers Guide

Graphics Cards – Finding the One That Fits Your Needs

If you are a serious gamer or graphics designer, you know how important having a good video or graphics card is. For those that don’t know, your video card or graphics card is what renders the images to your computer. If you are upgrading or building your own computer, considering what your graphics needs are going to be will definitely determine the type of card you get. Graphic cards come in a variety of ranges from the normal every day graphic cards used for rendering basic windows applications, movies and the internet to cards that can make the most out of the biggest and most graphic intensive games out there.

Often times, the software program you are considering will tell you the type of graphics cards which work best with it. You also want to consider having a graphics card that is going to be able to adjust and handle newer games and better graphics as they come along. Graphics cards can be rather expensive depending on what you are looking at. Especially for gaming computers, you don’t want to have to continually purchase new cards every time a new game you want to play comes out.

Some of the more intensive graphics cards also come with their own cooling systems. Usually, the cooling system consists of an onboard fan attached to the card used to keep the card processing at the appropriate temperature. Just like with any other computer part, a graphics card can overheat if it is attempting to process data quickly. Having a cooling system on board will make sure that your card stays in top performance. Many of the better graphics cards also come with their own on board memory so they don’t take away from the computers ram. There are some memory cards that can come with as much ram as some computers.

The chip is also an important consideration there are two main companies that produce the chips necessary for graphics cards that is NVIDIA and ATI.

Choosing the graphics card that is right for you can be a daunting task for someone that doesn’t know much about computers or graphics cards. The best places to look are review sites or check with your local computer stores and see what they recommend for the type of work you are going to be doing with your computers. If you are a serious gamer, remember to pay attention to your chip, the onboard memory and whether or not your graphics card has an onboard cooling system. Also remember to make sure that the graphics card you pick is compatible with your computer and operating system.

Now that you have the basics on choosing your next or first graphics card , you might want to check out some of these top manufacturers MSI, SPARKLE and POWERCOLOR.