Deleting Browsing traces from Windows Media Player

Deleting Browsing traces from Windows Media Player

You’ve been browsing the Internet or opening and closing media files, and you notice that you’ve left your fingerprints all over your operating system. You would think that media files that you downloaded, viewed and deleted are gone: But they’re not entirely.

If you opened up your media in “Windows Media Player”, it has also made note of what videos that you have watched. (This is similar for most players; however, Windows Media Player is the most common so I will only provide an example for it).

Removing Traces from Windows Media Player
– Open Windows Media Player
– Go to “Tools” – > “Options…” in the menu bar
– Select the “Privacy” tab.
– Select “Clear History” and “Clear Caches” at the bottom right (You might even want to turn this feature off by un-selecting the checkbox by: “Save file and URL history in the Player”)
– Press “Apply”, and “Ok”
– Go to “Library” or “Media Library” depending on what version you are using.
– Click on “all Video”
– If the list is empty then you are fine, chances are will be a list of recently watched videos. You can either individually select videos that you wish to remove, or you can press “Ctrl+A” (Select All), and then press “Delete” to remove them all at once.

– Done!

Use at your own risk – These steps are to be used as a guide, and have been proved effective under normal scenarios. Paul Ryan is not responsible for any malfunction or any other problems that occur from this tutorial. They have been tested and work, but in case something goes funny with your current configuration, he is not liable.

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