Diverse Opportunities With A Computer Animation Degree

Diverse Opportunities With A Computer Animation Degree

If you’re considering a computer animation degree and have been discouraged by people telling you that there isn’t much opportunity in this field, don’t believe it. Computer animation is actually a field that covers an incredible amount of territory and is currently in need of qualified, talented people. What surprises many people is the diversity of opportunities for individuals with a computer animation degree.

The first and most obvious opportunity (and the one that usually generates someone’s initial interest) is computer animated films such a cartoons and feature length movies. A generation ago these weren’t even dreams, but today some of the greatest money making films of all time have been computer animated. Studios like Pixar and Industrial Light and Sound are staffed by computer animators who design their films from conception to final cut.

Not Just Movies Anymore

But you don’t have to move to Hollywood to put a computer animation degree to good use. In fact, large cities that have dynamic advertising industries are increasingly drawing computer animation specialists. Advertising firms recognize the value of unique, unusual and compelling commercials, and computer animation is a favorite method of catching viewers’ attention in today’s marketplace. Whether it is talking lizards or elaborate accidents, animation takes advertising to the next level.

Theme parks also rely heavily on those with computer animation degrees to make their rides and other features more appealing. How many times have you waited in a long line for an attraction and been entertained by a short animated feature that sets the tone for the coming attraction? Today’s haunted houses and many other entertainment venues feature some form of computer-generated animation as either the main component or to enhance the overall effect.

Almost everyone has played a video game these days; video game developers may hire more computer animation degree graduates than any other industry. No matter how interesting or complex the game concept is, if the graphics and animation aren’t top-notch, the game is doomed to failure.

Advancing Research through Computer Animation

Individuals graduating with a computer animation degree frequently overlook research and development. This is a shame, because researchers in the scientific and medical communities are in desperate need of qualified animators to bring their work to life. More and more, researchers are relying on animation to help them clearly present their research and findings at seminars, hospitals and to the boards that fund their work.

Hospitals and clinics also use computer animation to demonstrate surgical techniques and other procedures to patients.

There are so many different ways that computer animation is used today and the market is steadily growing. In the future, it will be used in more inventive and diverse ways as technology advances, increasing the demand for skilled experts with a computer animation degree.