Killacodes can easily be passed for promotion because the site is full of passing your time without a second thought. HTML codes from the cursors, words and graphics are easily derived and they can be pasted to your site any time.

Killacodes hosts graphics from other creators and owners, but the site is uniquely maintained with its unique features of graphics and pictures. For every other icon there are over 2000 categories, whether it is words, glitters, images/animation, backgrounds, cursors etc.

Cursors, words and graphics are not new to the internet industry but very few websites have such a unique lay out of their web with all these icons which can be interesting. We know nowadays even adults probably may be interested in some images, glitters just for fun, but children and youngsters love the graphics hosted on Killacodes.

The cursors or glitters are used on a large scale on Myspace.com and hence killacodes hosts these graphics so that people interested can use them on Myspace or Hi5 accounts. For Myspace there are layouts, contact tables, online status icon, tutorials and generators that again is linked to the Image slide, Glitter words, comment box, comment box in a bulletin extended network and auto-bulletin repost.

Killacodes.com is a likable website specially designed for those interested in adventure and finding out new stuff. It can be the best site specially for its collections of glitters, images/admin, backgrounds and its graphics.

I love graphics and really admire the talent of this website, with various features and way it is laid out. There are very few websites with similar features as killacodes. Killacodes not only has different types of collections but it also has the links to the other popular sites as Myspace.

There are links to some of the Hot Myspace accounts and that is interesting. Myspace is a partner link to killacodes, although it is not affiliated to Myspace.

Killacodes has considerable amount of wisdom in different categories and it can be given credit for the various collections of various galleries. Looking at the background categories there are over 19000 background categories with thirty three categories of animal, sixty one categories of animated graphics, fourteen categories of baby, eight of birthday and it goes on and on.

The other interesting features are different cursors and the making of words. You can make your own words using the software on the killacodes website.

Killacodes website indeed is one of the interesting websites and people should definitely visit this website to see the talent and different features on the website, its features are definitely recommended of people of all age groups and specially youngsters