Here’s To Looking at CDs

´╗┐Here’s To Looking at CDs

Preferences for the outer design of CDs is seen in more than just the package. Depending on your style, graphics and the way that you want your CD presented, you can also find other standards that will fit your needs better. With the right CD duplication company, you can find the best way to customize your graphics from the inside out.

When you are putting a graphic on a CD, you have more than one option for the printing. This will depend on what you want to say on the CD as well as how you want the graphics to look. The option for graphics on a CD is divided into sectors on the CD. Each of these will allow you to put on the proper graphics and divide the CD according to your best fit.

Typically, a graphic will take up either half of the CD face or the entire one. If you are taking up half, you can expect to have white space with the graphic being on one side of the CD. If you want to put wording or have a smaller graphic this is an option. You can also fade out your graphic so that it only takes up half the space in order to have a different appearance on the inside CD part from the outer cover.

You also have the ability to take up to three-fourths of the CD or the entire CD. With these options there will be more color, even expanding to covering up to the edges of the CD. The three-fourths option will work similar to only covering half of the CD with a little less white space that covers the CD. With the full cover option, you will have more color with the graphics but will not be able to create a fade or put extra information on the side. These particular options are also a slightly higher cost because there is more use of ink.

Within these options are also approaches that you can take with the coloring of your graphic. A lot of this will depend on the type of equipment that the CD duplication service has, specifically relating to whether they use silk screening, laser printing or thermal printing. If you want a particular color resonance, make sure that you know which option is best. You can also consider black and white options for the graphics in order to change the look and feel of the graphic with the CD.

With these options is the typical standard of the CDs keeping a particular look and feel that fits the entire package. The graphic that is on the inside of the CD will also be on the outside, mostly for graphic costs as well as a professional look that will allow consumers to keep your CD in place. However, there are also options for the CDs to cut out the graphic from being on the inside, only to have the name and general information of the CD.

While you are thinking about the graphics and look for your entire package, you should also be thinking about this same concept for the inside CD. You can easily combine format preferences with a look that is professional and cost effective. You should always consider what works best and what will keep you with the right look both inside and out.