HP Pavilion Media Center TV M7350N PC

HP Pavilion Media Center TV M7350N PC

Let us start at the very beginning when we get to know this computer called HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7350n PC. You may be interested to know that this computer has many names and some of its aliases are:

• HP Pavilion Media Center EL406AA
• HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7350n
• HP Pavilion Media Center
• Hewlett-Packard EL406AA
• Or simply as the Hewlett-Packard TV m7350n.

Such technology is expected to be really functional. What’s in the HP Pavilion Media Center TV that makes it unique? For one, the HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7350n PC has an Intel processor with processor class D. It has a processing speed of 2.8 GHz, and a 2 GB installed memory. Its BUS speed is 800 MHz and a cache size of 4 MB. The memory technology is DDR II SDRAM with a maximum memory of 4 GB. The system chipset is Intel 945P Express.

Further, the hard drive has a storage capacity of 250 GB. Its CD Read Speed is 40X, the CD Write Speed is 40X, the CD Rewrite Speed is 32X, and the DVD Read Speed is 16X. It comes with Serial ATA Drive Controllers as well. The 2nd CD Read Speed is 16X.

For graphics and the monitor, you get a plug-in card for video integration and 64 MB of installed video memory. For networking and communications functions, your HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7350n PC has a 56 Kbps modem speed, and both Fast Ethernet and Ethernet for network support.

The interface connectors you get with your HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7350n PC are three forms of line-out: line-out (center/subwoofer), line-out (rear), and line-out (side surround.) On one hand, the expansion slot types of your HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7350n PC accommodate an XD-Picture Card, SD Memory Card, Memory Stick, SmartMedia Card, PCI Express x16, a CompactFlash Card, Memory, Processor, and PCI.

This type of computer uses Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 as its operating system (or OS.)The OS comes with these different software programs:

• Microsoft Office 2003 Student and Teacher Edition (Trial)
• Muvee autoProducer
• HP Image Zone
• RealPlayer
• Sonic MyDVD
• PC-Doctor 5 for Windows
• A 60-day subscription to Norton Internet Security 2005 AntiSpyware
• Adobe Reader 7.0
• Sonic DigitalMedia Plus
• Microsoft Works 8.0
• And InterVideo WinDVD 5

Moreover, the keyboard and mouse are the input devices provided. You can buy the appropriate monitor via a separate purchase as an independent unit.

And now that we know all that techie mumbo-jumbo, it brings us to the most important question: what can it do for us? Well, to start with, it makes for an excellent paperweight, especially if you accidentally plug it into the wrong power source which then renders the insides fried and useless. However, that doesn’t justify the expense. Unless you’ll take a closer look at it, you’ll never appreciate this computer. So let us look deeper.

Since this computer is actually a Media Center, that gives those of you who love your entertainment a ray of hope. For one thing, you can record, and create video recordings to a maximum of 170 hours. The Image Zone software (an exclusive technology of Hewlett Packard) permits you to edit, organize, then store and protect any video clips and photos you feel are worth preserving. You can also create personalized CDs and DVDs with this baby. And there is much, much more it can do – but you need to read the manual for that to get at the nitty gritty technical details.

Should you buy this product then? Well, that’s really up to you – if you feel you really need all those high-tech features for both your leisure and work, then this is a great investment. Depending on your usage, the HP Pavilion Media Center is a cool state-of-the art technology for your personal and business needs.