Interior Design Careers

Interior Design Careers

So, you want to be an Interior Designer. Interior design careers are full of excitement, hard work and potentially a lot of money! A designer is a businessperson and an artist; they are not just a person with an eye for beauty. You have the opportunity to work with a variety of people and even do a lot of traveling. Interior design careers allow an individual to display their creativity. There is detailed sketching, designing and arranging gorgeous living spaces and of course, a lot of shopping is involved.

Interior design careers are not all about glamour. There is a lot of hard work and stress involved. An Interior Designer must be able to manage people and work under a great deal of pressure. They must also be able to manage budgets and build client relationships. A designer must adhere to all building and safety codes as well.

A degree is becoming essential for those embarking on interior design careers. Many states require designers to be licensed.

Before choosing a school to embark on your interior design careers, it is crucial to research the school curriculum and to research the proper state licensing requirements. Then, find out which schools will allow you to reach your goal. When you have done your licensing research then you should determine what type of interior design degree you want and whether or not the school has the proper accreditation.

Another important factor when considering interior design careers is work experience. An apprenticeship or internship will greatly enhance your transition from school to the real world. A program called the Interior Design Experience Program is a program that will help the student during their transition period.

The student who aspires to enter the world of interior design careers should have a personal portfolio of their work. The portfolio should show the students creativity and their interior design ability. Examples of organization and problem solving are also an important part of a student’s portfolio.

Find out if the school has a placement program or career services program. This will be very important if you do not know the right people or know someone that knows the right person.
Good luck as you embark on the exciting world of interior design careers.