Kindle (2)


Kindle is Amazon’s version of e-book readers and tablets where users get to download and read online versions of books, magazines, newspapers and browse through the internet. Most line of Kindle models are digitally printed using basic E-ink display which is composed of 16 shades of grey to simulate paper-reading without the high battery consumption.
Kindle’s size is similar to the typical tablet with its dimension of 6.5” (height) x4.5” (width) x.34” (depth). It comes with a 6” display screen of 167 ppi and works with E-ink 16-level gray. The internal storage is approximately at 2GB with an available user storage content of around 1.25 GB. Kindle typically runs on its battery power for up to one month depending on the usage of wireless connectivity. Users can recharge their Kindle by connecting it to a computer source with the use of a USB cable. All of these physical features compose the Kindle and it only weighs at around 170 grams. As for its WiFi, Kindle users can connect on both public and private networks and use this feature to download and browse for new e-book contents. Once they’re done, they can switch it to Airplane mode to optimize the capacity of the battery span. Kindle is probably the simplest version of e-Book reader from Amazon since it does not have any other multimedia features. The box comes with one Kindle device, a USB cord and a user’s guide. The adapter used for in-wall charging is sold separately from the unit.
• Lightest model of Kindle.
• Availability of page-turn buttons
• Impressive battery life that can extend up to one month for a single charge.
• Retained its portable, no-frills e-reader quality that Kindle has been known for.
• Connectivity to Amazon Cloud with unlimited capacity.
• Features an Airplane Mode option.
• Allows syncing with other devices such as the computer.
• Comparatively affordable at less than 0.
• Lightweight factor is impressive and convenient.
• Easy to read fonts with its 16-gray level E-ink.
• Low internal storage of 2GB.
• Buyers should consider buying the Paperwhite Kindle model instead of a Kindle and an additional lighted cover since the separate one costs as much as the original Kindle.
• No 3G capabilities.
• No adapter plug included in box.
What makes Kindle a great choice among e-Book readers is that it works according to its function, with the added convenience of having books accessible with its WiFi connectivity. With its no-frills features, the Kindle lacks the multimedia capacity of the Kindle Fire or the huge storage capability of Kindle Touch. However, as most users have agreed on, the 2GB internal storage from Kindle is more than enough to hold their supply of e-Books from when they started using their e-reader tablet.
Kindle is the perfect choice for those who just want to carry around a reading device that can accommodate all their favorite books without the unwanted bulk. Indeed, Kindle is a lightweight device which is quite affordable for everyone, as well. For those who want more than just the e-reader function, Amazon also offers other models of Kindle which provides better features quite varied from the realm of e-book reading.