Learn The Chinese Language With Learning Chinese Software

´╗┐Learn The Chinese Language With Learning Chinese Software

If you want to learn the Chinese Language, some Learning Chinese Software can help you. Some integrated learning Chinese softwares with words, sounds, pictures, animations and music. These Learning Chinese Softwares are user friendly designed, content rich, comprehensive tutorial program. These interactive learning Chinese programs will make you enthusiastic about learning Chinese.

Chinese Practice 3.0.2, This program helps you learn Chinese. It offers text-to-speech synthesis or recorded voice, multimedia features, merging and editing lessons, skinning support, vocabulary organizing, a Brain Flash feature, talking Chinese-English-pinyin dictionary and Chinese text reader.

ABCconcept ABC Chinese Learning Tools 1.0, animated Chinese Characters, Radicals – stroke by stroke; Mandarin pronunciations (Pinyin); Cantonese pronunciations (Jyutping); More than 20,000 characters; Chinese-English, English-Chinese dictionaries.

Learn Chinese and Speak Mandarin 2.6, users guide themselves through over one hundred lessons. Each lesson contains a real world conversation between two native speakers. Conversations are broken down into individual sentences, pronunciation, meaning, pinyin, characters and the literal translations of the words that make up the sentences.

Learn Chinese 6.0, It includes pronunciation for all sentences, characters, words and phrases in real natural audio. Text-To-Speech is not used, so you can hear the changes in intonation. All Chinese characters, words and phrases are shown with tone marks, Pinyin, for reference. There are 66 lessons and 95 sense dialogues which cover normal situations such as daily life, working, study, traveling and hospitalization. There’s an English-Chinese double language dictionary which includes over 12,000 Chinese words and phrases. You can search the new words with Englishor Chinese as well as strokes of the Chinese character or Pinyin. There is a Chinese characters writing demo, featuring over 3,500 of the most common words. There is a Chinese phonetic alphabet whichincludes the 1,300 Chinese Pinyin. There is an Examination Module. You can test your understandingof Chinese and Pinyin. Speech Chinese can help you to read texts on Web sites or your clipboard in English, simplified and traditional Chinese. You can convert texts to WAV or MP3 files.

EzChinese Road 1.0, This is an oral textbook for short-term training programs focusing on daily communication. It’s adapted to the latest choice textbook Road: Chinese Conversation For Foreigners, which is published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press. Each Chinese character, word and sentence in this software is recorded by professional announcer. It covers more than 30 communicative functions, approximately 900 new words, as well as more than 100 basic key points of language and explanations of daily words and phrases.

One good Chinese Software is a good start for Chinese learners. These multimedia programs are fully interactive, using the most contemporary language learning technique. From teaching modern Chinese PinYin phonetic system to writing Chinese character stroke by stroke, learn Chinese interactively.