Name For Your Computer… Should You Have One?

Name For Your Computer… Should You Have One?

Have you thought of a name for your computer? Well, you should. Some people don’t have the chance to name more than one or two computers, while the site administrators name huge numbers of them. With that, it is a fact indeed that by assigning a name wisely, both the computer user and the administrator will have a quite easier time of reminiscing, discussing, and even typing the names of their computers.

A name for your computer is also that necessary for as soon as you deal with multiple computers, you need to recognize between them. Many cases regarding a name for a computer even surfaced today. A name for your computer is then significant for you to easily tell your system administrator that your computer is busted by just mentioning a name that you chose. Just like human beings, computers also have to be able to recognize between themselves. As we all noticed, when you are sending a mail to a colleague at another computer, you might apply commands that mention a name of the computer.

So if you want to know how you can pick a good name for your computer, it is then necessary for you to remember that there are certain problems that most people often stumble over and over again. For your interest, here are a few guidelines on what not to do when you want to choose a name for your computer.

One of the don’ts when it comes to a name for your computer is overloading with other terms that are already in common use. It is noted that using a word that has a strong semantic inferences in the recent context will just cause confusion. Secondly, don’t select a name for your computer that is subsequent to a project distinct to that computer. Along with this, here comes another consideration for a name for your computer and that is the “don’t” of using your own name. Even if you know that the computer is sitting on your desktop, you should be aware that it is a mistake to make a name for your computer that is after yourself. This is considered to be another case in overloading.

In choosing a name for your computer, you should not use long names. Using a long name for your computer may cause for a tough quantification, and many experiences have shown that names which are longer than eight characters simply annoy people. Also you should avoid alternate spellings. And even if you want to make a somewhat cute name for your computer by alternating the spellings, most people will often get annoyed with such names.