Nokia N73 – Smart Indeed

´╗┐Nokia N73 – Smart Indeed

The Nokia N73 is geared more towards a photographer on the go than someone needing to network and stay in touch. This mobile phone is definitely a smart phone with an exceptional quality of camera included.

The 3.2 MP phone has a Carl Zeiss lens and a 20x zoom, a second lens for self portraits, and photo editing software in case you need to make touchups. The display of the phone acts as the viewfinder in landscape mode, but operation resembled a natural camera thanks to external buttons. The phone can capture video clips as well. A removable cover protects the main lens.

Other features include a mini USB port and 42 MB of internal memory, as well as an expansion slot for Micro SD. This mobile phone is Bluetooth 2.0 ready and you can not only snap shots, but listen to your favorite hits from the music player wirelessly.

These qualities make the N73 a great choice for those who enjoy a good multimedia experience. Also, the high-quality camera will appeal to many people who enjoy taking pictures on the go or traveling extensively and who don’t enjoy carrying too much gear.

One disadvantage of the N73 is that you will need the ear buds included with the phone to act as antennae to pick up FM tuning signals. Other downfalls are the N73 mobile phone not having external options for music controls such as pausing, stopping, or skipping songs. One would think that needing external controls besides volume would be a natural one, but it seems that developers felt being able to play music loudly or quietly was enough for consumers.

There is, however, an equalizer to fine-tune the sound of music. Real Player is integrated on the N73, for those who like that particular software.

You can use the N73 as a modem for your PC, and the phone is also user-friendly for internet browsing and emailing, thanks to Symbian OS 9.1. QuickOffice is loaded for document viewing and covers a wide range of file formats.

The N73 comes in two color combinations: Silver and plum, and white and red. Neither are particularly sleek combinations compared to other phones, but the colors do look nice nonetheless. This mobile phone is referred to as candy bar, measuring 4.3 x 1.9 x 0.7 and weighing 4.1 ounces.

Despite the major drawbacks of cramped keys and the need for external controls for music and entertainment enjoyment, the N73 is a good smart phone with plenty of solid features for multimedia.