Playstation 3 Concepts

Playstation 3 Concepts

When the first Sony Playstation was introduced to the market in 1994, it made such a big impact in the arena of video game consoles that it dominated the market of game console entertainment. Although other companies have created their own version of the system, the Playstation series continuous to be the foremost product with its launching of follow-on game consoles such as the Playstation 2, Playstation Portable, and currently the high-tech and groundbreaking Playstation 3.

This year’s recently launched Playstation 3 is Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox that has also captured many of the market’s gamers since it release in 2001. Sony’s Playstation 3 is being referred to as the “ultimate”, most advanced technology in video game history; this status may perhaps be owed to excellent Playstation 3 concepts of its developers. Let’s take a closer look at the exceptional Playstation 3 concepts that makes it stand among all others in the market today:

Playstation 3 Concepts – Cell Processor
The concept of this unique central processing unit known as the Cell Processor is the united efforts of Toshiba, Sony, and IBM who worked hand in hand to develop this extraordinary processor. The concept of the cell processor was their solution to the increasing drift towards multi-core processing, where manufacturers put as countless processors as they possibly can onto a single chip.

The cell processor concept has resulted to an outstanding “chip” that is scalable for various performance needs; Playstation 3’s cell processor packs two-hundred-thirty-four million transistors onto one die. The outcome is one powerful unrivalled processing unit that has barely been matched by 2005’s most powerful desktop computer CPU.

Playstation 3 Concepts – Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
Another concept that makes the Playstation 3 excel from the others is its new graphics processing unit (GPU). Generally, GPU’s are very essential to computers, especially those designed for video games, as they create the total graphics quality of the game; they are the special microprocessors committed to the task of producing and displaying computer graphics.

With Playstation 3’s GPU concept, like its cell processor, has been especially designed for the system called the RSX or Reality Synthesizer. The RSX was designed by Sony with Nvidia graphics-card manufacturer; it is a 550MHZ, three-hundred-million transistor graphics chip. To make it simple, the RSX creates the highest level of realism to its graphics, with real-time lighting, reflections, and shadows that makes the game virtually real.
These two Playstation 3 concepts of its developers have made the console a most successful and popular game entertainment system in the market today.