Playstation 3 Testers

Playstation 3 Testers

For game console fanatics, being a video game tester is a dream job. They get to test some of the latest video games all day, plus they get paid doing it. What more could a game wiz ask for, they get to sit in front of the latest technologies of game consoles and take pleasure in being some of the first people to try-out the most up-to-date video games before they’re released into the market. Though of course, getting the job may not be as easy as one-two-three, as you have to prove to the company that having a good eye for detail is your specialty; and of course, convince them that you can endure sitting and playing the games till every bug is found. Nevertheless, beyond that, getting the job has no actual requirements.

Companies usually hire video game testers if they’re in the process of developing new games and planning on releasing them soon. Take for instance Playstation 3, when the company was expected to release their third entry to its Playstation series game consoles, the company announced the need for Playstation 3 testers; and as expected, a lot of video game aficionados wanted to have the job. The ads for “Playstation 3 testers needed” were published in several sites in the internet, and the word spread quickly.

The Playstation 3 testers’ job description, specifically video game and multimedia/hardware testers, included testing the Playstation product multimedia software; testing the Playstation’s hardware; testing the PSP, UMD, and memory stick media; testing PSP’s hardware; testing Third Party Titles and SCEA before going into production; and reporting their findings to superiors. Some of the duties included testing and viewing all UMD Video features and their compatibility/functionality; testing the backwards-compatibility of PS1 and PS2; testing the hardware and software of DVD; and testing the functionality and connectivity of online game.

Certain requirements were also needed for the Playstation 3 testers’ job announcement which included excellent problem and analytical solving skills; motivated and positive attitude; IT/networking skills; excellent written and verbal skills; dedicated and dependable to weekend and long hours work; has the ability to grasp and apply a particular format for bug writing; and more.

Video game testers may quite enjoy their jobs, plus they’re actually an important part of video game production; if a video game doesn’t pass the high standards of game testers, then the game may be history, or less harshly, it may be improved to reach its expected standards.