Preparing For Your Media Interview

´╗┐Preparing For Your Media Interview

Media interviews are an important part of an overall public relations campaign. Any size company from entrepreneur to Fortune 500 can benefit from media interviews. Always arrive for a media interview prepared and early. We’ve seen competent CEOs drown in uncharted media waters. Being unprepared guarantees you won’t get asked back. When you are contacted for any kind of media interview ask the following questions:
What is the angle of the interview?
Is the interview for Television, Radio, Print or the Internet?
Will the reporter be interviewing anyone else for the same story?
How much time will you have for the interview?
What is the date the story will air?
Keep adding questions to your own checklist to help you prepare for your interviews. The following tips will help you:
Tip 1: Preview any show or publication before your interview.
Tip 2: Know what you want to talk about so you get your main messages across.
Tip 3: Prepare for the questions you expect to be asked.
Tip 4: Create 10-15 second sound bites that are memorable and get your point across.
Tip 5: Understand colors and styles that are effective for on camera interviews.
Tip 6. Create any graphs, photos, or video to enhance your story in advance of the interview.
Being prepared and knowledgeable about your impending interview will boost your confidence and help you get the most from your media experiences.