Role Of Media

´╗┐Role Of Media

The long and strange journey of human civilization has witnessed long series of ups and downs.

To reach to the present status a lot of factors have played their contributory role to make it so beautiful and blessed place to live in. Manhas invented a number of marvels with the help of science and technology to make his life progressive and civilized.In this flight of progress the most effective and progressive part has been played by media. Media has become inevitable and it can be asserted that without it we cannot imagine of living a day.Media has alway as played the central and effective role in guiding the society where it is missing and where it is going down. In the beginning it was regarded as a means of providing entertainment and news to the people but it today has become the part and parcel of our daily life.What is the latest developments taking place around the world and where we stands in that race are things which we come to know with the help of media today.Today it has become the most powerful source of information in all the sections of our liflet is positive stand, has bring about a number of changes.

Presence of media has become so important and inevitable in all sections of human life that we cannot dispense with it.Economy,politics,health and science and what not everywhere the media has made its mark.Within seconds we come to know about every thing latest taking place anywhere in the world.What are the new things and innovations taking place around us in the field of education and information technology we come to know with thr help of these sources of information called media.

In the march of civilization progress of humanity divergent factors have played their contributory role from time to time .In the recent years the most significant and telling effect in the process of progress the media has surpassed in all other factors by bringing in everything(within the approach of entire society) that is taking place everywhere in the world far and new.Nothing is alien to human society.