San Diego Film School

San Diego Film School

San Diego is fast becoming a technological powerhouse, thanks to the influx of state of the art military technology and several influential universities like San Diego State University. Though not known in particular for contributions to the worldwide field of film making, San Diego has the best potential in raising the best filmmakers in the country.

The best carriers for the pride of San Diego film school is the San Diego State University. The film study department, the School of Theatre, Television, and Film makes home a wide range of production and research facilities, creating a more thorough learning environment for students of film making. These well equipped laboratories are guaranteed student accessible, and that student’s will find their time mostly spent on their, familiarizing equipment, learning techniques of the trade of film making.

Because the San Diego film school merges the study of theatrical arts with television and film, compiled into one academic unit, students have the chance to learn all about visual arts. After all, there isn’t really a difference besides the actual performance of theater and the editable version of television.

This San Diego film school is also driven for artistic excellence. With a faculty of professionals, the instructors and teachers are not only credible to teach techniques, their experience can be of valuable service to those still jump-starting their career.

The San Diego State University School of Theatre, Television, and Film offers the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Arts and Sciences but can be tailored to the student’s needs. Emphasis to Design for Television and Film can be taken, as well as others like emphasis on Design and Technology for the Theatre.

The San Diego film school Platt College is a testament to the technical level of San Diego institution. A leader in multimedia and digital video production, Platt College readies students to a career in computer technology specialized in computer animations among many other points of expertise. Platt College offers Bachelor Degree Programs in Media Arts, Multimedia Design, and Graphic Design. And it should be noted that, at present due to a high demand for graphic artists who can do beautiful 3D renders, a career in Media Arts, Multimedia Design, and Graphic Design offers one of best career opportunities.

Being located in California, while also being located in one of the most technologically advance US state, this San Diego film school does enough to ready students with the strongest foundation achievable. One of Platt College’s highest pride is David Schorn of class ‘95, who now works with Sony Corporation of America, a worldwide corporation responsible for game consoles like Playstation 3.