Saving Streaming Media

Saving Streaming Media

Streaming media is the collective term for media – i.e., audio or video – that is consumed while being delivered.

That is the technical description, one that encompasses even those traditional media that are not delivered over the Internet. However, in practice, streaming media are those that are distributed over computer networks. That’s what most of us understand about streaming media.

Now, if you have ever spent time on the Internet watching videos or listening to online music stations, then chances are you are familiar with the wonders (and problems) of streaming media. One such problem is buffering, wherein the frame will freeze for every 10 seconds or so. This can be very frustrating for some users. This is actually caused by some websites adding restrictions to their streaming media in order to limit bandwidth usage (Streaming media files can consume a lot of bandwidth).

Suppose you were to find a way to prevent the file from buffering so you can properly watch that funny video you’ve been dying to see? No problem. There’s already a solution to that in the form of software for saving streaming media.

Saving streaming media using a special type of software program allows you to download the streaming media from the Internet and play it locally on your computer, thus effectively eliminating the common problems associated with online streaming.

Here is a list of some of the most popular programs for saving streaming media:

SDP MultiMedia

SDP (or Streaming Download Project) is a non-profit group of independent software coders dedicated to creating a full documentation for the Microsoft proprietary network streaming protocol called “MMS” (Microsoft Media Server). The protocol is used extensively in Microsoft’s media player software but is not supported by other streaming media receiver/recorders out there, making saving streaming media through this protocol impossible to download. With the SDP downloader a streaming receiver designed specifically to receive MMS streaming media, you can download or copy the stream to your hard disk.

In addition to MMS, SDP downloader can also be used for saving streaming media through the following protocols: Http v1.0 streaming protocol, http progressive, mms, mmsu, and mmst over both UDP and TCP transport protocols.

Free Hi-Q Recorder

The FREE Hi-Q Recorder is free software for saving streaming media, including audio, webcasts, Internet radio, meetings, music, classes, and seminars. It can also convert LPs, records and tapes into mp3 format.

To adjust the mp3 quality, look for the MP3 bitrate on the interface of the software and set it to your desired adjustments. Functioning as a universal audio recorder, the only downside to the FREE Hi-Q Recorder is that it can only play audio files, no videos. However, it may be used as a file converter from video to mp3 audio from almost any types of format.