Skills You Need to Create Web 2.0 Websites

Skills You Need to Create Web 2.0 Websites

If you want to create your own websites, there are several
skills you need to get the job done. Some need a steep
learning curve, meaning that they are easy to learn, while
others need more effort in order to be executed properly.

We’ve listed down some of the skills needed in creating

1. Using a graphics editor

– this is important when you wish to create graphics for
your website. A good graphics editor can do jobs such as
simple photo editing to more complex ones such as creating
gradient and reflection effects. Photoshop and GIMP are
popular graphics editors used by designers.


– is another important skill any web designer needs to
have. HTML is a markup language, and just like other markup
languages, it tells the computer how the graphics and other
elements of the page will be displayed. Basic tags are
enough to let normal users get by, but knowledge of more
specialized tags are needed by those who want to build
better websites.

3. CSS

– is short for Cascading Style Sheets. Having a style sheet
for a website makes it easier for designers to design a
page by assigning values to tags such as those used in
paragraphs, lists and the likes. With a style sheet, a
style can be easily applied by using a variable on any part
of the site.

4. Flash

– is a program used for creating animations, games and
entire websites. Knowledge on how to use this is a must
among web designers. While the basic commands will be
enough for most users, Flash’s ActionScript gives people
more control over their creations.