Social Media for Business Interact with Customers Better

Social Media for Business – Interact with Customers Better

Social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter have one thing in common: they are built upon a member-base that amounts to hundreds of millions of unique users. Exaggerated? This is the average number that most surveys are returning, and from these surveys, it has been found that these sites have thousands of unique viewers logging in at any given time. Why should these statistical data be of importance to anyone?

Given the fact that we are now living in the age of digital information, people access the Internet for a lot of reasons. We access Google to look for information on restaurants, cinemas, shops nearby, and even travel services. People also log on to these social media sites to look for something: INFORMATION. People log on to Twitter or Facebook to look for information other than “who’s watching what?” and “where people hang out?” People log on to Facebook or Twitter because businesses have created a social media account to spread information about their promos, products, and even serve as an avenue for customer interaction.

But let’s focus on customer interaction. Twitter and Facebook have features which allow page owners or account owners to reply directly to another status. Now, what if you have a Facebook page about your computer hardware retail store? Supposing you post a customized rig for sale and a customer has posted a comment and inquired as to how much. Unlike emails, Facebook and Twitter provides real-time notifications on the activities on your page or account. This makes it easy for you or any of your business’ representatives to respond to the question.

Social media is a great avenue for interacting customers because you know what they want without having to go through the hassles of reading long-winded emails or answering calls. The posts are instantaneous and the interaction itself is instant. Business owners can post and customers can post a comment afterwards. This helps allows customers to be more confident about their transactions with various businesses that post their products on social media sites. Apart from that, your business’ Facebook or any other social media account is sure to rake in thousands or even millions of unique viewers a month. If you can spend a few hours or resources to hire an individual to facilitate your social media account, you’ll find that it will be the next best thing that you can do to your business.