Understanding Web Design Agency Philosophies And Methods

Understanding Web Design Agency Philosophies And Methods

When selecting a web design agency, one thing you should consider is the process the agency uses to take your design from concept to reality. There are actually three different methods or approaches that an agency may follow. These include:

User centered

An agency that has a software-oriented approach will generally have a very strong technical background. As such, they view the process of web design as a project that is similar to developing new software. With a software-oriented web design agency, you can expect the developer to logically look at your requirements and then write a detailed plan for achieving your goals. The developer will then test the design and deliver a final product.

A design-led web design agency, on the other hand, will view your website with a more artistic viewpoint. The process with a design-led agency is more on the concepts that will be used to develop the site. This concept is then tweaked throughout the entire process in order to guarantee it flows through the final design.

A web design agency with a user-centered methodology places most of the focus on the audience you expect to draw in with your website. As such, the designer is primarily concerned with how the final design will look and serve the needs of your target audience.

While it is certainly important to have a technologically sound website with a great design, you also want to be sure to please the end-user. Otherwise, you might lose out on potential customers because they find your site to be cumbersome or otherwise unattractive. For this reason, you want to select a design agency that does pay attention to the technological aspects and the design, but that also works closely with you to ensure the site suits the needs of both your business and your customer.