Zune Reviews And You

Zune Reviews And You

Zune Reviews

Microsoft has joined the portable multimedia player bandwagon by releasing the Zune player. Not surprisingly, it has since been the subject of mixed reviews. The Zune reviews flooding the Internet and print media have bordered on gushing to downright scathing. Indeed, it’s enough to confuse and overwhelm the average consumer. But how do you know if the Zune is as good – or as bad – as they say?

The Pros

A Washington Post Zune review by journalist Rob Pegoraro declared that the Zune is “more pleasant to use than other iPod rivals.” Understandably so. The Zune player boasts of crystal clear audio, fantastic QVGA video display, FM radio, up to 80GB capacity, track sharing, and – dig this – cutting-edge Wifi, the singular, defining feature that even the most scathing Zune reviews can’t complain about.

In one of the more positive Zune reviews available, Jason Cross of Fox News wrote that asthetically, the Zune “looks and feels great.” It’s soft finish makes you want to touch it and doesn’t get as “fingerprint-ridden” as the iPod. It’s easy to hold and control with just one hand.

With over six million – and counting – music files available, Zune music reviews have been kind, to say the least. The sound quality is superb, and Cross swears that the sound is “slightly cleaner than the output from the latest iPods.”

Zune movie reviews have also been promising. Though it’s the same resolution as the iPod (320×240), it’s half an inch bigger (a full 3 inches, instead of the iPod’s 2.5 inches) and is bright, sharp, and beautiful. Furthermore, it turns 90 degrees, which makes a big difference. By turning the Zune sideways, you get a 20 per cent bigger screen size, making videos and photos far more watchable.

Zune download reviews are raving about its Wifi capability. Engaging in Wifi allows you to transfer and receive music and pictures to and from other Zune players within a 30-foot radius. A song can be transferred in 15 seconds and can be played 3 times in 3 days before being prompted to purchase it from the Zune Marketplace. Cutting-edge Zune-compatible software from Zune Empire is also available to maximize your Zune experience.

The Cons

On the other side of the fence, Zune reviews have been less than enthusiastic. It has been unkindly labeled as Microsoft’s not-to-be-outdone, “me-too!” portable multimedia player. It is also noticeably bigger than the iPod and earlier Zune reviews accused it of being heavier. However, it has since been found that though a little taller, it weighs roughly the same as an 80GB iPod.

A product review could make or break anything, whether it’s a person or a product. But as the recipient of mixed Zune reviews, the Zune player is neither made nor broken – yet. Indeed, though there was an onslaught of negative Zune reviews at the beginning, more and more positive ones are being made everyday. It was apparent that the initial Zune reviews were rushed and hell-bent on proving how it doesn’t measure up to the iPod. Fortunately, the tide is turning. At the end of the day, the best Zune reviews still come from you.